a. Place of Origin: China.
b. Irrigation Water: glacial melt water From Qilian Mountains.
c. Soil: uncultivated land on the northern foot of Qilian Mountains,No pesticide residues and crop diseases and pests.
d. Growth environment: Except for the Heihe Oasis in the Hexi Corridor, all areas within 200-300 kilometers are alpine mountains and deserts, there is no man made pollution, industrial pollution and air pollution.
e. Planting Standards: Strictly follow the US USDA organic planting specifications. Chemical based pesticides/fertilizers and biological growth agents are prohibited. All organic fertilizer are fermented from sheep manure, chicken manure, cow manure, and plant-based pesticides are used.
f. Product features: Introducing a new variety grafted between Linze dates and Qilian Mountain wild dates. Containing sweet and slightly sour taste which adjust the vitality and nourish the blood, nourishing vital energy and improving sleep quality.