a. Place of Place of Origin: Qingyang, Gansu
b. Irrigation Water: natural rains, no artificial irrigation needed.
c. Soil: Dongzhiyuan Heilu Soil
d. Growth environment: Mostly grown in field ridges and non-farmland in a semi-wild province. The planting base is far away from the city, and there is no man made pollution, industrial pollution and air pollution.
e. Planting Standards: Strictly follow the Organic Agriculture Product Specifications of the People’s Republic of China.Chemical based pesticides/fertilizers and biological growth agents are prohibited. All organic fertilizer are fermented fromsheep manure, chicken manure, cow manure, and plant-based pesticides are used.
f. Product features: bright color, long strips, thick grains, high nutrient content and outstanding taste; it has the effects of anti-aging blood vessels, invigorating brain cell and improve digestion system.