a. Place of Origin: Fuping, Jingyang, Gaoling and Weinan, Shaanxi Province
b.Irrigation Water: rainwater and deep well water.
c.Soil: the Place of Original black earth and loess in Weibei, Guanzhong, Shaanxi Province.
d. Growing environment: Ultra distance from cities and industrial polluted areas, no man made pollution, pesticide pollution and chemical fertilizer pollution.
e. Planting Standards: Strictly follow the Organic Agriculture Product Specifications of The People’s Republic of China. Chemical based pesticides/fertilizers and biological growth agents are prohibited. All organic fertilizer is fermented from sheep manure, chicken manure, cow manure, and plant-based pesticides are used.
f. Product features: red and white frost, soft and sweet, melts instantly once devoured. Also known as Fuping fruit bun or Fuping Red Cake. This product is quite often to be used and introduced to head of state.