a. Place of Origin: Jianning County, Fujian Province and Shicheng County, Jiangxi Province.
b. Irrigation Water: The Min River source water system and The Gan River source water system. The water quality is clear and sweet with none human life and industrial pollution. Water quality could pass human drinking water standards.
c. Soil: none polluted pond mud around the source of Minjiang River and Ganjiang River.
d. Growing environment: Along Wuyishan Mountain Minjiang River source and Ganjiang source , no human life pollution, industrial pollution and air pollution
e. Planting Standards: planting strictly in accordance to the USDA organic planting specifications, chemical pesticides, fertilizers and biological growth agents are prohibited. All organic fermented sheep manure, chicken manure, cow manure and plant-based pesticides are used.
f. Product features: large pump grains, flimsy layer and crispy bite come with sweet and delicate fragrance.